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I’ve read an article recently. It talks about internet marketing. ‘Internet marketing may be a bit like directing an orchestra; there are many parts played by many instruments, and when they are out of sync you know it, but when they blend it can be pure and sweet harmony.’ This is exactly what I think as a marketer.

After so many years in marketing, I’ve learned a few things that apply to any marketing, across the boards. Here’s are a few tips that always apply:

Persistence – This may be the most valuable concept in the marketing industry. I believe that no matter what someone is marketing, and how they are marketing is, if one continues the same strategy for a long enough period (working on it regularly) more often than not it will pay off. This is what I call the “Golden Rule” of marketing.

Patience – This closely relates to the info above. Business begins an internet marketing venture, let’s say with pay-per-click ads, for example. Within a week there has one response from all of the ads combined, the business then gives up and changes the strategy, removing the ads from the various places, or replacing them with something else. This is lost time and lost revenue. Give the advertisements about 3-4 weeks to be out there before changing them. If after 4 weeks there is little to no response – then is the time to make some changes. (My experience has been that in about 4-6 weeks the inquiries and sales start to pick up.)

Quantity/volume – The amount of income is directly proportional to the number of people who view your site/ads. Seriously. Although the quality of the website is essential, it takes a back seat to the number of communications to your audience. Combined – you have a goldmine!

Research – The first thing which you must consider while undertaking internet marketing is proper research. The appropriate market research will give you an idea as to what aspects you will have to think before undertaken marketing online. This will also give you a fair idea as to how the market scene in general is.

Market research will also give you an idea of what your customer wants. As a full-service marketing agency, we can take care of all these for your business, so you can focus on growing your business. Schedule a free 60 min consultation with us today!