Begin with The End in Mind

A critical mistake many business owners or even Internet marketers make when they dive into email marketing is that they go in with the wrong mindset. The mindset many of them will go in with is, “I’ll email my list repeatedly and make plenty of sales.” It’s likely they have subscribed to some email marketers’ lists who spread this way of thinking for their subscribers to purchase from them.

Truth be told, if you go into email marketing with the mindset that you can repeatedly email your list numerous times over the course of a few days or even hours, you are essentially dooming yourself to failure in email marketing before you even start. Despite what you may have heard or even seen from some Internet marketers, repeatedly emailing your list the same offers over and over again is only going to lead to them NOT buying from you, unsubscribing from your list, and even potentially reporting you to your ISP for harassment and abuse of email. That will undoubtedly damage your business, brand, and reputation, and it will not be easy to recover from such damage if it’s even possible. Thus, it’s best you NEVER have that mindset, to begin with.

The mindset you should have when it comes to email marketing is not the profitability you can gain from it, but rather the value you can bring to your subscribers. This includes the ability to know them and help them wherever possible.

A favourite word that is being spread in the business world today is “engagement.” Engagement is the connection you make with your subscribers and customers, showing that you understand them and providing them with what they need and want to buy. Engagement is a big key to being successful with email marketing because your subscribers have to learn more about who you are, what you stand for, and why they should learn to trust you and your recommendations so that they will purchase from you.

Virtually no one is going to buy from a shady dealer, retailer, or business. It also holds true in online marketing as well. If people can’t learn to trust you because of shady business practices, your email marketing efforts will go for nought, leading to little to no profit and a negative reputation.

This is why your mindset from the very beginning of your email marketing career has to be what you can do for your subscribers and customers, NOT how much profit you can get from them and relentlessly email them to obtain that profit. Have the right mindset from the beginning, and you can certainly earn a great deal from email marketing in the long term, and also to create a positive reputation for your brand, your business, and yourself.

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