A lot of business owners ignore the technical aspects of SEO, which is a big mistake. It is the foundation of your entire SEO strategy.  If your website is not built correctly, search engines will have problems crawling and indexing your content.

That’s the reason why some websites might be completely invisible to search engines.  You should have a good understanding of the technical aspects of SEO.

When you build your website, you should look at some essential elements – https and website speed. Of course, there are other many other elements which affect your Google ranking, but these two are the fundamentals.

First of all, the security and privacy – https has been a ranking signal in Google’s algorithm since 2014. Visitors will be most likely to get a ‘not secure’ message when they visit a site that is not secure. It reduces the traffic. Also, you will not get full referral data in Google Analytics. If you are thinking of moving your website to https, this is the article which will help you to get started. Click here.

Secondly, website speed is critical. No one wants to wait forever for a website to load. Based on recent research, 50% of people expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds.  Website speed is also one of the factors in Google algorithm. If your page load time is fast, then people tend to visit more pages on your website. If you’ve got problems with page load speed, you’ll need to determine what’s causing the slow speed.

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