Regardless of what business you are in, you need to have your message in front of people where ever they are.  Facebook is a “place” where people ‘hang out’ and not having a presence there means that you may be leaving money on the table for your business.  Why? Globally Facebook now as 2.01 billion monthly active users, growing by 500 million users in the last two years. Facebook’s continued growth means they now have over 20,000 staff around the world.

What you may find even more interesting than the number of Facebook users, is the amount of time (on average) these users spend on Facebook.  In fact, social media users in Australia are some of the most prolific in the world, with a total of around 60% of the country’s population on active user on Facebook, and 50% of the country logging in at least once a day. (

If you understand the scale of the information, you will start to know how big Facebook is.  Just as it is common now to expect that a business will have its website, no matter how big or small that company is; it is getting to be as common for people to expect a business or company to have its very own Facebook Fan Page.  And while there are some ‘trends’ that you can ignore to stay focused on the things that make you money, having a presence on Facebook is not one of those things.

Experienced Facebook users will find creating their Fan page straightforward; however, those that aren’t very experienced may find the creation of one pretty challenging.  Whether or not it is something that you do every day, there are advantages in setting it up correctly to compliment your website and any other online presence that you have.

When the set up is done correctly, people who like your product will get notice of new things that you are doing and sales that you may be having.  A Facebook Fan page can also give you a way to get your customers to spread the word about the good things you are doing in your business, as they are happening.   In effect, it allows you to have the kind of company that can be talked about using word of mouth, while at the same time the business can be known all over the world.

We are experienced in producing a professional look to your Fan Page as well as setting it up so that those who become interested in you stay interested in you.  When we work with you on Facebook, we make sure that you are as visible as you can be to the people in your local area, while at the same time giving you visibility to the world of 2.01 billion Facebook users.

Call us today so that we can set up your pipeline for what could be a more intimate connection to your customer.  And when customers feel as if you know them, they have good feelings about you, and they are likely to spend money with you even if your product or service costs more.  And that is a good thing to be in this very competitive business climate.  AuBiz Consulting is here to help you.